Saturday, September 09, 2006

Extending the Visual Studio Typed Dataset

Sorry for the very long delay between posts. I have been rather busy working in C# and much less in T-SQL. Since this blog came out of my annoyance with the lack of knowledge of T-SQL in the development world I have not had a whole lot to say. However, my work with C# was for a database front end application so my flow of ideas is not completely dry.

The most interesting thing that I have been working on is an extension to the default typed dataset for visual studio 2005. By extension I mean a module that expands on the functionality of the typed dataset without having any effect on the typed dataset's code or core functionality. The goal is to allow the programmer to simply add this module and, magically, the typed dataset does a whole bunch of new 'cool' things.

These are the 'cool' things that I would like to extend the typed dataset to be able to do:

1. Load all tables from database
2. Save all tables to a database
3. Undo change
4. Redo change
5. Save current changes to a file
6. Load current changes from a file

Sounds pretty simple right. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly difficult to accomplish, especially point #2.

Now at this point some braniac is going to say: 'What does all this have to do with T-SQL?' The answer is not a lot. However, if you are doing T-SQL programming you are probably using C# or Visual Basic programming so I think this is relevant.

So, for the next couple of months I am going to try and post once a week on this subject.