Sunday, April 09, 2006

Q-What is this blog about?

A-This blog is about all things T-SQL. I feel really strongly about the importance of knowing this language well in order to develop modern applications that use SQL Server. Hopefully this blog will educate and give usefull information about what this language can do and how to do it.

Q-Why do you feel the need to create this blog?

A-I think that knowledge of SQL in general and T-SQL in particular is absolutly essential for modern programming on the Microsoft Platform. Unfortunatly most programmers treat SQL as just another language and do not really understand that SQL is really a different kind of language than Java, C#, C++, VB, PHP etc. As a result I see lots of really bad SQL out there. This poor SQL has a massive negative impact on performance and greatly reduces what people can do with their applications. This blog will address this issue, or, at the very least, let me vent a little bit about the problem.


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